Hi, I am happy to welcome everybody's attention and interest!

My yoga path has being a continued progression for 8 years. I discovered yoga by introduction to mystic philosophy and Kundalini yoga with Marc Descamps (transpersonal yoga - Institut Français du Transpersonnel). As I felt how ancient indian philosophy was deeply resonating in myself, I intensified learning through Hatha yoga training program, (lineages Swami-Raj-Bua, Satyananda, André Van Lysbeth) with Maurice Daubard (yogi of extreme - Centre de Hatha yoga et Tummo). Enchanced positivity in my body brought me to Ashtanga yoga practice with Patrick Frapeau (‘Mysore practice in Paris’) and Dany Sa (Ashtangayogario). I am thankful to Dr. M. A.Jayashree and M.A.Narasimhan (Sanskrit studies), Jani Jaatinen (Meditation and Vedic philosophy), who enlighten my life goals through the authentic wisdom. Yoga became for me a cultivated daily disciplined practice. It is a very real, daily ritual I go through with the intention of cleaning my internal body, clearing out my mind.

I continue uplifting my perspectives, I enjoy being inspired again, again and again. Maya



    You should contact me if:

    -You are in a state of anxiety

    -You have physical and emotional tensions

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    Difficulties that I will help you to get over:

    Physical tensions and blocks reside in memory of muscles. Because we all get strong emotional experiences in the past or present, to every situation the body responds with some physical tensions. You should be aware of the signs that appear in your body. Releasing deep tensions and blocks is a prerequisite for strengthening your immune system and achieving a state of lightness and emotional pleasure.


    The basic principles of my guidance and correction:

    ▫️Breathing excercises for emotional comfort.

    ▫️Yoga posture sequences specific for: back alignement, digestion care, hip flexibility, restful sleep.

    ▫️Techniques of relaxation to brigning you more peace.

    ▫️Psychological consolation to bringing more light and freedom in you.



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Contact Maya. Thank you for your interest!