When you come into this world you have something purposeful to do for the highest world.

When you get to understand you more deep, your personal value to the world becomes enormous. You get to CHOOSE the life you value. And that value comes right back at you in whichever form you choose.

How to become a free adequate person
Every person value inner freedom. What is true inner freedom ? It is the balanced, stable, natural state of life-energy.

INDICATORS of the balanced, stable, natural state

You face the reality of your life. You are at peace and consent with your reality. You are self-confident and you choose the reactions that bring up in you light and inner freedom. Your actions follow your unstoppable beliefs and unswerving life values.



    You should contact me if:

    -You are in a state of anxiety

    -You have physical and emotional tensions

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    Difficulties that I will help you to get over:

    Physical tensions and blocks reside in memory of muscles. Because we all get strong emotional experiences in the past or present, to every situation the body responds with some physical tensions. You should be aware of the signs that appear in your body. Releasing deep tensions and blocks is a prerequisite for strengthening your immune system and achieving a state of lightness and emotional pleasure.


    The basic principles of my guidance and correction:

    ▫️Breathing excercises for emotional comfort.

    ▫️Yoga posture sequences specific for: back alignement, digestion care, hip flexibility, restful sleep.

    ▫️Techniques of relaxation to brigning you more peace.

    ▫️Psychological consolation to bringing more light and freedom in you.



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