The most precious time is the morning.

The early morning. Just before sunrise.

God is closer than ever in the morning, prayer is easier than ever in the morning; meditation simply happens without much effort in the morning.

The sun is just going to rise.

The East becomes red but the sun is not yet on the horizon, it is coming; it is very imminent, just within a second it will be there but it is not there yet.

That is the most PRECIOUS MOMENT in twenty-four hours.

The night is no more, it has gone, and the sun has not yet appeared. Between the two, there is a different quality of light in existence. Darkness is not there. And the sun is not there. The light is not coming from the sun. It is a very diffused light, a very cool light.

So this cool light is very symbolic of the inner experience of light. It is light with no heat in it, it cannot burn. It can only enlighten; it cannot burn. This inner light is not a reflected light. It is not the reflected glory of anything else or anybody else, it is your own, authentically your own, it needs no fuel. This inner light has no source, it is infinite; it does not depend on any kind of fuel so it is inexhaustible. It has been there for eternity and it will remain there for eternity. The sun has its own light, it is original. The moonlight is a reflected light; it is not original. The moon has no light of its own: it simply reflects the sunrays.

The night is no more and the sun has not come yet: it is an interval, a gap, where gears change, where day is born and night disappears. Because of this gap, this moment is for prayer, for meditation.

So whenever it is possible, get up early in the morning and meditate on the early dawn. Once the sun has come up there is no need, but just before the sun is coming up look to the east and be filled by it, be possessed by it, dissolve into it. Drink it and become it....



    Yoga practice is recommended: if you are in a state of anxiety or if you have physical and emotional tensions.

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    Physical tensions and blocks reside in memory of muscles. To every situation the body responds with some physical tensions. Releasing deep tensions and blocks is important for healthy immune system and emotional balance.


    The practice is consisted of breathing excercises, yoga postures specific for: alignement and flexibility of the whole body, joints support and digestion care. Also techniques of relaxation to brigning you more peace, light and freedom.