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    The 4-4-8 breathing technique will help you to relax and focus. This breathing method will be successful if you are totally at ease and relaxed. Focus your attention to your breath. Start by inhaling for 4-counts - hold your breath for 4-counts - exhale for 8-counts. Through PRACTICE you will find a rhythm that suits you. As you are inhaling visualise vitality entering your body, while holding - imagine perfect energy filling your body. When you exhale imagine you are blowing away fatigue and tension. At least, 12 repetitions (for not experienced or too busy people).


    3 BELLS

    3 BELLS BREATHING 12 rounds - INHALE (air taken into the lungs) - !! HOLD - EXHALE (air expelled from the lungs) 12 rounds INHALE - EXHALE - !! HOLD 12 rounds INHALE - !! HOLD - EXHALE - !! HOLD


    Yoga practice is recommended: if you are in a state of anxiety or if you have physical and emotional tensions.

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    Physical tensions and blocks reside in memory of muscles. To every situation the body responds with some physical tensions. Releasing deep tensions and blocks is important for healthy immune system and emotional balance.


    The practice is consisted of breathing excercises, yoga postures specific for: alignement and flexibility of the whole body, joints support and digestion care. Also techniques of relaxation to brigning you more peace, light and freedom.